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Snow Blind

February 11, 2021

Bryan and James try to get a handle on Kaldheim limited.  This is the first set in a while where both of us don't feel like they are blind and can't see what is going on in the set.  We first talk about the complexity of the set, then work through the archetypes and then sum up our thoughts.

Kaldheim Complexity - 7:01

Kaldheim Archetypes - 23:21

    Snow - 23:21

    Three Color - 27:47

    UW flier - 40:59

    BW - 46:11

    RW - 51:17

    GW - 57:04

    UB - 1:00:58

    UR - 1:05:29

    UG - 1:11:11

    RB - 1:16:56

    BG - 1:20:12

    RG - 1:21:37

Take Aways - 1:23:20

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